Religious Education


For Children, during Sunday Service

Children’s Chapel, Community Worship Service and Words for All Ages

SCUU offers three kinds of services: Children’s Chapel, Community Worship and Words for All Ages.


Children’s Chapel is a children’s worship service that will usually be held on the 1st Sunday of the month. This format allows for a full hour of religious exploration entirely separate from the adult service.  These services include traditional elements of worship, such as chalice lighting as well as joys and concerns alongside planned lessons.


Community Worship Services mean everyone will participate in the main worship service. Children and adults worship together during CW services, as these are designed and intended for all ages.  CW services give children the experience of seeing what adults do in worship, promote reverence and respect for worship services, and invite adults and children to celebrate the many generations of our SCUU family. To learn more about CW Services please see:

Words for All Ages occurs in the early part of the regular worship service. Children attend the first part of the adult worship service and participate in a story, song or discussion, after which children and teachers withdraw to their classroom for the remainder of the RE class.



An overview of each of the RE classes currently being offered can be accessed by clicking on the Curriculum tab above. The nursery is open every Sunday for children under 3.

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RE Mission and Goals

Unitarian Universalist
Principles for Children

We Believe :

  1. Each person is important
  2. Be kind and fair in all you do
  3. We are free to learn together
  4. We search for what is true for ourselves
  5. Every person deserves to have a say and a vote
  6. Build a fair and peaceful world
  7. We care for all living things in our universe